G&L tech resources: Tuning machines


Strangely enough, the Locking tuning machine designed by Schaller only started to be used by G&L in 1998. My ASAT Semi-Hollow w/Bigsby from that year shows that initially these machines had tabs. But soon they disappeared, as seen on this ASAT S-3. After that, they are regularly seen even in a gold plated version as on this ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow which was displayed on the 2001 NAMM show. Instead of the 3 different post heights on the Sperzel Locking tuning machine, the M6 Pin Locking closed-type tuning machine, available in the current Schaller online store, uses 2 post heights. With its knurled side, the (unbranded) locking knob is very easy to operate. These Schaller Locking tuning machines are drop-in replacements for the non-Locking Schaller tuning machines w/location pin. As of May 2016, G&L uses a branded version of the same tuning machine, now all with the same post height, as seen on this 2017 Doheny w/DFV.


Schaller Locking