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Designed by Joe Knaggs, who also ran the Private Stock program until July of 2009, this is Paul Reed Smith’s take on a semi-acoustic guitar. Definitely inspired by the Gibson ES335, but with many modern upgrades. Some might even claim improvements. The construction of this model is beautifully described in Dave Burrluck's book: ‘The PRS Guitar Book, A Complete History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars’. Its sole sound post is under the bridge, instead of running the length of the body. The sides are mahogany, somewhat of a relative term due to the routing procedure, with highly flame maple top and back, making it a double-10. Although not standard, the sonic possibilities for this model are expanded by the presence of a piezo element in the bridge. The guitar has 2 outputs: a piezo only and a pickup/mix output which acts as a sole output for the Archtop treble and bass pickups when the piezo output is also used or as an output for the mixed signal if this is the only output used. For this purpose, the 2 volume controls either act as master and mix or dedicated pickup volume and piezo volume. The piezo system is powered by a 9V battery. The mahogany neck has an East Indian rosewood fingerboard with abalone bird inlays. For more information on the latest (2020) version, visit the following link:


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After having traded in my Les Paul for the PRS Artist II, I had fallen seriously in love with PRS guitars. And after having left science for a better paying job, there was not necessarily anything preventing a serious bout of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, better known as G.A.S. One weekend, my wife and I stumbled over this beauty at a local Guitar Center. The sound of this guitar built in the first year the piezo bridge was offered, is round and jazzy. The piezo system allows you to come up with some wonderful acoustic sounds. Heck, even played without any amplification, this guitar has a wonderful sound, although at a subdued volume. Again, the Wide Fat mahogany neck feels just like a glove for these big hands. The cherry stain, birds, flamed top and back, were also all acting as Sirens. And on top of that, the no interest for 6 months did not hurt either...

The story behind this guitar


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D’Addario EXL115W Nickel Wound Blues/Jazz Rock Wound 3rd (11-49)