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Introduced in 2013, the 12-string was one of Bill Collings’ latest creations. With a much smaller, single 0-sized body, this model adds an entirely personal voice to the great pantheon of 12-string guitars, commonly with much larger bodies. No wonder it has become quite popular under fingerstyle players although strumming fits this guitar just as well. As many of the Collings acoustic guitar models, the 12-string is standard available in 3 versions: 01, with mahogany sides and back, the most ornate 03 version, and, as seen here, the 02H version with East Indian rosewood back and sides and standard herringbone (‘H’) binding. The body has a 19” length, 4” depth, and 13¾” lower bout width. Standard on all 3 versions, the top is Sitka spruce, the neck Honduran mahogany, and the fingerboard ebony with a shorter 24⅞” scale length and 12 frets to the neck. The 02H in particular has abalone diamond and squared position markers on the fretboard. The slotted headstock has an ebony veneer and Golden Age Restoration tuning machines with cream buttons. Of course many other options for tonewood and adornments are available, one of them seen here in the form of a gorgeous sunburst (‘SB’) top. For more information on this model, visit:


Collings 02h sb 12-string

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Although certainly not the first Collings acquired, the first guitar of this brand being covered on this site is this 12-string for the simple reason that, when sorting alphabetically, it comes first. But in this, another interesting fact would be overlooked. My first decent acoustic guitar is another 12-string: the Ibanez AW-25. Its specs of a dreadnaught sized body with mahogany back and sides nicely complements the much more refined guitar discussed here. When The Fellowship of Acoustics, a guitar store in the Netherlands, listed a sunburst 02H 12-string, I was pretty much set on the desired brand and looks for a second 12-string. Planning on paying a visit to Dedemsvaart on my next trip home, it all became moot when that particular guitar was sold. Imagine how ecstatic I was when Milwaukee Vintage listed one on Reverb in mid-2022 and my wife allowed me to purchase it to commemorate our dear tuxedo cat Leila, who had passed away just before after being an integral part of our lives for 19 wonderful years. Although built in 2017, it must have been past July when Bill passed away from cancer. Hence, it lacks his signature on the sound hole sticker. The case is made by TKL though I somewhat expected to see an original Collings case. Looks they were not necessarily made for all models. I tune my strings a hole note lower on a 12-string. With that, for such a small body, the sound is bold and thick with sparkling highs but retaining plenty of low end. It seems little miss gorgeous likes your pick to stay away and play her fingerstyle. Stunning!

The story behind this guitar



D’Addario EJ38 Phosphor Bronze 12-String Light (10-47)