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A whopping 14 years after the ASAT ’50 was released in limited numbers, G&L finally decides to add 2 variants of the venerable Esquire to their catalog: the ASAT Classic Solamente and the ASAT Classic Solamente Alnico. The former has a single Tele-style MFD in the bridge like the ASAT ’50, the latter a single ASAT Classic Alnico neck pickup. The guitars were not ready for the 2013 Winter NAMM but about a month later this specimen rolls of the line. Its wiring harness has some interesting specs. Although the pickup is the same as found in the bridge position of the Classic Alnico prototype and Classic ‘S’ Alnico, the tones with the pickup selector in the bridge position are dissimilar. And compared to the ASAT ’50, especially when moving the selector away from the bridge position, the sound has a completely different character. Otherwise, what we have here is another solidly built ASAT with a beautiful 2-piece swamp ash body, ASAT Classic 6 saddle bridge, volume control, and tone control only engaged with the pickup selector in the center position. The hard-rock maple #1 neck with 12” fingerboard and Jescar Medium Jumbo 57110 frets has a nice light tint satin finish. Although this model is not called out explicitly in the picture index on the G&L website, it does share a page with the ASAT Classic Solamente:


ASAT Classic Solamente Alnico

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In about spring 2013, Upfront Guitars in Bellingham, MA, listed this guitar on eBay. I believe it is one of the first Solamente Alnico guitars ever produced by reasons provided above. The guitar was bought by of all people the same fellow who sold me his Korina Classic Bluesboy. Unfortunately (or not) he had to list it when summer came around. After the listing had been up for about 3 weeks or so, I decided to make it mine. The neck of this instrument is fantastic but the heel and the pocket provide no info whatsoever on when this guitar was actually put together (hence no pics). All there is to go on is the 2/28/2013 completion date on the spec sheet and the cryptic “60345 custom” on the bottom of the pickguard. But plug this puppy in and you are blown away by the absolutely gorgeous tones. I have been very impressed by G&L’s version of the Alnico Tele-pup and on the Solamente you find it basically in its purest form. When putting the “pickup selector” in the “bridge” position, you bypass the complete tone stack and only hear the pup. You will notice there is no ice-pick to be found anywhere; beautiful bell like notes come out of the amp. The middle position engages the tone control as per usual and allows you to select snappy biting tones and change them to warm tones with a turn of the knob. In the “neck” position, the tone control is by-passed again but here you definitely notice the big difference with the ASAT ’50. Whereas for that guitar the “neck” position is almost identical to the middle position with the trebles cut entirely, giving it a very muffled tone, the Solamente Alnico has its own character: still plenty of mids but darker sounding. Personally I like it much better and find it a very useful position.

The story behind this guitar





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