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Strangely enough it took until 2021 before G&L built an ASAT with a similar pickup combination as on the Climax “plus”. And it took its post-2018 Custom Shop to do so by completing this guitar on 3/5/2021. The basis is the ASAT HH RMC, a double humbucker model which only differs from the ASAT Deluxe in that is does not have a (figured) maple top on mahogany backing. Here an Okoumé body is combined with a spalted alder top. The natural wood binding shows some of the spalting side on and a pickguard is absent. It has a half bridge with 6 saddles also seen on a couple of other Custom Shop creations. Since 2015, any G&L needing humbuckers would receive G&L Alnico humbuckers by default instead a set of Seymour Duncan pickups. Hence, the neck humbucker is an AS4255B combined with an AW4470B in the bridge. ‘HSH‘ indicates an additional single coil pickup between these 2 humbuckers, a (reverse wound) CLF-100, most commonly found on the Legacy and George Fullerton Signature models. The rear loaded wiring harness, referred to by G&L as Rear Mounted Controls (‘RMC‘), consists of a volume control and tone control complemented by a 5-position pickup selector. No push-pull or expander switches here. The hard-rock maple neck has a Gloss Light Tint finish, (rare) ebony fingerboard with 9½” radius, pearl dots for position markers, Jescar Medium Jumbo 57110 frets, 1¹¹⁄₁₆” bone nut, and G&L branded locking tuning machines. The Model Logo Delete option indicates the headstock only displays the G&L logo. Since the model is based on an ASAT HH RMC (even the spec sheet below refers to it), visit the following link for more information on that model:


Custom Shop ASAT HSH RMC

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Another beautiful Custom Shop creation sourced by the fine folks at UpFront Guitars in Bellingham, MA. Originally I had intended to restrict my writing, and hence instruments in this collection, to the first 40 years of G&L, including the anniversary year technically making it 41 years. However, this goal collided with the desire to cover any and all pickup combinations on the Broadcaster/ASAT as long as these pickups were on the guitar when it left the Fullerton factory. And strangely enough, to the best of my knowledge, this 3 pickup combination had not existed on an ASAT prior to 2021, G&L’s 42nd year of existence. As per usual, the spec sheet of this Custom Shop build contains a (minor) error using ASAT HH RMC for the model designation. There is no handwriting on the back of either humbucker but their DC-R values are significantly different from values of the same pickups on other models. This may indicate they are still hand-wound. For instance, the AW4470B bridge humbucker measures 10.88kΩ compared to 16.70kΩ (8.76kΩ split) on this Fallout. For the neck pickup is a little more complicated because the only other AS4255 in this collection is the bridge pickup on this Custom Shop ASAT RMC P-90/HB. There the DC-R value is 8.30kΩ (4.17kΩ split) versus 6.31kΩ on this guitar. The reverse wound Alnico CLF-100 single-coil in the middle seems to be stock at 5.95kΩ. From measurements it has been deduced no coil-splitting takes place when either of the 2 humbuckers are combined with the middle single-coil. But they sound great together both ways. This is now my youngest ASAT as well as G&L instrument in general. Chances are pretty good it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The story behind this guitar



none, marked ‘ASAT’, ‘MCNK’, ‘9.5’, ‘LD - LTGN’


D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)