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Another G&L ASAT III from the pre-BBE era, again with a soft maple body but now with a rare Silver Sparkle finish and a 7½” rosewood fingerboard. This finish was offered on several G&L models between 1989 and 1991 and is the precursor to the Silver Metallic finish still available. Not surprisingly, John Jorgenson was a big reason G&L looked into developing this finish. With DC-R values of 4.07kΩ (neck), 4.22kΩ (middle), and 4.02kΩ (bridge), this particular guitar seems to have the rarer Skyhawk Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups. This in contrast to this pre-BBE ASAT III with its higher DC-R values across the board. It further has a chrome Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge, white enamel pickguard, control panel housing an ASAT III wiring harness (5-position pickup selector, volume, tone), hard-rock maple neck, 1⅝” nut, and G&L stamped closed  tuning machines. More information of the pre-BBE ASAT III is found in the Registry on the Guitars by Leo website by visiting the following Rarebird page:


ASAT III (pre-BBE) w/rosewood fingerboard

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Greg Gagliano shows an ASAT with a similar finish on his website which inspired me to look for one too. This guitar was acquired from (aka York Music Shop) on Reverb in 2019, about a year after it was initially listed. Before, it was owned by Brandon Vestal, who once had several other guitars in this collection in his possession. But let’s talk a little more about that finish! It is the early-1960s. A silver sparkle finish had never been done before and George & Leo want to figure out how to do just that to finish a couple of Teles. They decide to pulverize a silvered mirror, which, as we all know, is glass. Sharp glass! The powder is carefully mixed with the other components for the finish. Only after all this careful experimentation, they know how to create the sparkle! G&L could build on this experience 30 years later, when fortunately a crushed mirror is no longer needed to create a Sparkle Silver finish. Comparing this finish with the Silver Flake finish on the John Jorgenson Signature or his Z-3 prototype, one notices the larger particles in the latter two. There is an extra hole in the body as well as in the pickguard. Did this guitar once have a Roland synth pickup? This ASAT III nicely complements the maple board ASAT III of the previous page. And lacking the S-500 pups, this one is indeed just a tad warmer, realizing fully it also depends on pickup heights etc., which I tried to correct for. To have that quack in the middle positions is an absolute blessing. It cannot be overstated how great a pre-BBE ASAT III of any kind sounds. Call it my luck this guitar was still around after a year on the market.

The story behind this guitar



FEB 23 1989, marked ’10’, ‘6’

JUN 15 1988

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)