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First featured in the June 1983 price list, G&L introduced several models with HG-2R “Angled Offset” (aka Cavalier) MFD humbuckers: the very flashy 1st X-body Interceptor II and the Cavalier itself. Based on the Nighthawk/Skyhawk, and evolved from the Marquis (initially Artiste) prototype, the Cavalier typically came with a swamp ash body, black powder-coated control panel with 3-position pickup selector, volume control, and PTB circuit. The hard-rock maple neck came with a choice of 7½” radius maple or ebony fingerboard. And although all optional, the vast majority of Cavaliers have a plastic pickguard and Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato (DFV), even though these items came at an extra charge, as did an ebony board. The popularity of the Cavalier turned out to be lagging and after about 700, still too many to make it a true Rarebird, production was halted. The Cavalier is last mentioned in the June 1, 1986 price list which also lists all available colors. For more information one is referred to Greg Gagliano’s wonderful website with a 1983 Clear Red Cavalier and 1984 Natural Cavalier.



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I had seen this guitar before with an asking price of $1,700. Somewhere early-2017 it appeared on eBay, no reserve, no BIN, and the bidding stayed low. Hence this became an opportunistic acquisition. No regrets. It is also nice to have both a Cavalier-E and a Cavalier, one with Locktight/Saddle-Lock and one with DFV, one with guard and one without, with the 2 guitars built only a month or so apart. This one looks great (“A Blue one!” my wife exclaimed when I showed it to her) and sounds the part too. Greg claims the Cavalier is one of the best sounding G&L humbucker guitars. True, even more so when you dial back both tone controls a bit. The ebony fingerboard plays like butter. In all, a lot to like about this model.

The story behind this guitar



SEP 21 1983

SEP 19 1983

D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light (9-42)