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Instead of the SSS configuration of the previous guitar, this Interceptor has the HSS configuration most commonly found on the 3rd body style version introduced by G&L in 1988. The Long-Horn soft maple body with Purple finish has cool beveled contours finished in contrasting Black, a color scheme not listed on any price list between 1988 and 1991. The pickups are a combination o a Schaller humbucker, still with adjustable pole pieces, and Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Nighthawk/Skyhawk pickups in the middle and neck position. A is typical for the wiring harness of a 3rd style Interceptor with 3 pickups, each has its own on/off mini-toggle switch while they share volume and tone controls. Simple! This Interceptor also has a “Krome” Kahler™ 2320 flat mount fine-tuner vibrato; as stated elsewhere, an amazing piece of engineering. The hard-rock maple (pre-BBE) #4 neck with a 25” radius rosewood fingerboard and 1¾” wide nut and is extremely comfortable to play for those with big hands. But for this model any other neck profile offered by G&L was available too. In addition, it has a “Krome” Kahler™ 5514 String Lock Pro behind the nut. Looks like something a 1980’s big hair-do band would use to shred on; exactly the intended target audience! More pictures and information on all the different versions of the Interceptor can be found on its page in the Rarebird section of the Guitars by Leo Registry which also has links to Greg Gagliano’s website.


Interceptor HSS w/Kahler (3rd style)

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After the ASAT w/Kahler and maple board, another guitar (again with Kahler) bought from Steve Goodman in a private transaction. It came with marketing material included below, as well as a copy from Dale Hyatt’s sales log showing the instrument was completed 9-13-88. A great looking tone-monster even my wife likes: “Purple?!” Fun! The switches work remarkably well. They only exhibit a “½ throw” behavior: there is no down, center is off, and up is on. In other words: less travel for the toggle. The tones are wonderful and the rosewood fingerboard with its 25” radius plays like butter. If only I had more hair ...

The story behind this guitar



SEP 08 1988, second stamp FEB 16 1988

none, marked ‘931-S’, ‘#’

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)