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After the transitional prototypes discussed on the previous page, G&L gave the Interceptor its last update in 1988. The swamp ash body with Clear Blue finish has cool beveled contours. And with its sleek, long, pointy horns, this body style is also known as the Long-Horn, a nickname bestowed upon it by members of the old Guitars by Leo (GbL) forum. Although the HSS configuration is the most common configuration for a 3rd style Interceptor, other pickup combinations were available. This is an one with the super rare SSS configuration. Instead of using a 5-position pickup selector so common in such a configuration, here each of the 3 Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Nighthawk/Skyhawk pickups has its own on/off mini-toggle switch while sharing single volume and tone controls, i.e. the typical triple pickup 3rd style Interceptor wiring harness. The only other piece of hardware on the body is the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato. The pre-BBE #3 hard-rock maple neck has a 12” radius rosewood fingerboard, 1¾” nut, and Ray Ransdell designed sleek sickle headstock with closed Schaller tuning machines. The matching Clear Blue on the front provides excellent contrast with the white font for the model decal and script “by Leo Fender”. More pictures and information on all the different versions of the Interceptor can be found on its page in the Rarebird section of the GbL Registry.


Interceptor SSS w/DFV (3rd style)

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In discussing his 1992 “employee guitar” 3rd style Interceptor HSS w/LFV on his website, Greg Gagliano mentions the rarity of the HH and SSS pickup combinations. That remark never really registered with me until it came up at the start of 2021 in a private conversation with another GbL member who had his eyes on one. This happened right when Melody Time Music in Southaven, MS had listed this guitar on Reverb. After it was learned said GbL member was talking about another 3rd style Interceptor, it was an opportunity not to be passed up on. I was initially confused by the description and pictures and not sure what the actual body wood and finish would look like. Still maple? Alder? Purple? But having the guitar in hand leaves no doubt: swamp ash and beautiful Clear Blue, the same combo also found on this S-500, Skyhawk, and ASAT. The #3 neck was another nice surprise. As far as tone goes, this guitar is as gorgeous as it looks. These Skyhawk pickups have a creaminess to them not found in any other single-coil and they sound fantastic in any of the 7 available combinations. One more thing. Nowadays, many 3 pickup G&L models have a so-called expander switch, allowing the additional combinations of neck+bridge and all pups together. These 3 on/off switches precede this concept by about a decade. And utilizing combination 8, you can do that on/off stutter too.

The story behind this guitar



MAR 10 1989

JUN 15 1989

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)