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Why another Interceptor? Because this 3rd style Long-Horn Interceptor HSS has some unique features compared to the other Interceptor HSS. This specimen has the 2nd generation G&L Leo Fender Vibrato (LFV). It also has a Leo Fender Vibrato Lock, as featured and described on the Comanche V prototype page. Lastly, it has the Ray Ransdell redesigned slick sickle headstock in matching color scheme. And what a color scheme it is! The Tan/Gold Sparkle combination highlights all the bevels on this soft maple body. Again, a Schaller bridge humbucker is combined with 2 Skyhawk Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups controlled by 3 on/off toggle switches, volume control, and tone control. The hard-rock maple #2 neck with a rosewood fingerboard with 7½” radius. There is no need to clamp the strings behind the nut. Instead, Sperzel Locking tuning machines are used do add tuning-stability. Examples of other color schemes are provided on this page in the Rarebird section of the Guitars by Leo Registry.


Interceptor HSS w/Leo Fender Vibrato (3rd style)

The story behind this guitar


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After the ASAT Classic Signature (top-bound), the 2nd guitar from the fine people at Olivia’s Vintage. The fact it has only 2 springs in the cavity is not detrimental. This cavity also contains a “price tag” sticker with the date “110788” which likely indicates the assembly date for this guitar. It missed the arm but that could easily be fixed by ordering a period-correct one from the G&L Online Store. This guitar was part of a double whammy because a matching rear-loaded Interceptor Bass was offered on a different auction site at the same time! A very versatile guitar again which some lovely quack when both single-coils are engaged. High output easily overdrives any preamp stage. A veritable rocking machine.

The story behind this guitar



OCT 12 1988, second stamp SEP 1 1988

APR 12(?) 1988, marked ‘#’

D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light (9-42)