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This Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup, with the G&L logo and a reference to US Pat. 4,220,069 printed on its cover, is a single-coil version of the HB-2 Bi-Pole™ MFD pickup discussed on the previous page. It still has 2 adjustable pole pieces per string with the string running through the center of the pair. Leo tells about the reason to do this in a 1978 interview with Tom Wheeler. After Leo had passed away, the same interview reappeared as “The Legacy Of Leo Fender Part Two: In His Own Words”. When Tom asked Leo how the Jazz Bass pickups differ from those on the early Precision Bass, Leo answered that the Precision Bass caused some “speaker trouble” due to its initial attack and punch. By having the string run between 2 pole pieces, that initial attach and punch is lessened causing it to be a little less percussive but saving speakers in the process. The MFD version of the Jazz pickup is used on the ‘entry level’ SB-series of basses, including 1st style SB-1, 1st style SB-2 (and later Lynx), and as bridge pickup in the 2nd style SB-2. As such, it is still in use today on the modern SB-2(T).


Bass: “Jazz”-style MFD