G&L tech resources: Pickups


The idea of splitting coils, have them spatially separated, and summing the signals is not new at all. This technique has been used on the Fender Precision Bass ever since 1957. The additional benefit is that by adding the coils out-of-phase, you create a humbucker. Of course G&L introduced a Magnetic Field Design (MFD) version of this popular pickup. It was used on the ‘entry level’ 2nd style SB-1 (except for the fretboard this SB-1 Deluxe is identical to a 2nd style SB-1) starting in 1985. But not that on some early ones, like this 2nd style SB-1, a Schaller PBX pickup was used instead. The 2nd style SB-2, introduced in 1987 and still in production today, has a “Jazz” style MFD in the bridge and a split-coil MFD in the neck. On all these pickups, there are 2 adjustable pole pieces straddling each string.


Bass: split-coil MFD