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Featured on G&L’s January 15, 1990 price list, the Deluxe version of the 2nd style SB-1 and SB-2 offered something not seen on any ‘entry level’ bass that came before: a 7½” radius rosewood fingerboard instead of maple. One can also see that a (contoured) swamp ash body in Natural finish is a special option beyond the solid colors. This bass has the G&L version of the Precision bass inspired split-coil Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup and instead of plastic, now a black powder-coated aluminum pickguard. Otherwise, it still has a Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge, volume control, tone control, a nut width of 1¾”, and a headstock without G&L hook, just as before. For the current day SB-1, check out the G&L site at:

SB-1 Deluxe

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I had lost out on an all Black SB-1 Deluxe a couple of weeks before this beautiful bass came on the market through the Poway Pawn Shop in Poway, CA. And in much better condition than the Black one mind you. Although maple and rosewood fingerboards have been rather consistently available in the BBE-era, it is rewarding to have such a nice exemplar of a rather rare pre-BBE model. Even most G&L aficionados do not realize the Deluxe was an actual separate model with its own entries on a price list. It took even me until 2016 to grog that and only by amassing a slew of price lists! It is a little heavy. But boy! Does this bass have a killer sound. My! Oh, my! All the tones you ever wanted to get out of a P-bass. This will be one I will grab a lot of times.

The story behind this guitar



JUL 17 1990

SEP 10 1990, marked ‘#5’, ‘5¼’

D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Light Long Scale (45-100)