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The M-2000 and M-2500 basses, introduced in 2011, merely have two Magnetic Field Design bass humbuckers voiced to optimize the use of the 18V preamp developed by then VP of Engineering Paul Gagon. When the MJ-4 and MJ-5 basses were introduced in 2013 with the same preamp under the covers, one might have expected the JB/JB-2 Alnico V pickup to undergo a similar treatment. However, the JB/JB-2 Alnico V is a single-coil pickup and not very suitable for that purpose due to its inherent noisiness. Hence the new Bi-coil Alnico pickup humbucker was designed, a non-MFD pickup using 2-coils within the footprint of a traditional J-bass style. The MJ-4 and MJ-5 were discontinued on the January 25, 2018 price list.


Bass: Bi-coil Alnico