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In early-1984, when G&L gave the SC-2 a slight make-over, the SC-3 also received some horns. And while looking a tad more like a Strat, it still had a slab soft maple body and the same Nighthawk/Skyhawk Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pups, simple wiring harness (volume, tone, 5-position pickup selector) on a blank powder-coated control panel, hard-rock maple neck with 7½” radius maple fingerboard, headstock without the G&L hook, and closed tuning machines w/tab as for the 1st body-style SC-3. This version of the SC-3 was discontinued when production of all ‘entry level’ models was (temporarily) halted at the start of 1985. Even so, enough of them were built that, unlike the “Mustang”-body version that came before, is did not attain Rarebird status.


SC-3 (2nd style)

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This guitar was offered in the Guitars by Leo Marketplace by member Brandon Vestal but I completely ignored it. When he offered it on eBay however, I could just not resist it. Certainly not after I figured out its S/N is only one different from my 2nd style SC-2 (S/N G017240). Not that that necessarily means a lot in G&L land with their out of order usage of serial numbers as evidenced by the difference in date stamps on both body and neck of these “consecutive” guitars. Additionally, this particular guitar has a Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge and a rather rare Bahama Blue finish. To have both a hardtail and vibrato version of this ‘entry level’ model is definitely nice too. The slab body and simple but very responsive controls is what make these instruments extraordinary. The sound of this very basic guitar is unbelievable. The pups go from jazzy in the neck to well balanced in the middle to bark and growl in the bridge with quack in between. And they can always be tamed and softened by simply rolling off the volume. Again, amazing!

The story behind this guitar



JUN 18 1984

FEB 21 1984

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)