‘The Real Ones’ - G&L guitars & basses


Enjoy this gallery of all my G&L instruments, painstakingly built in Fullerton, CA. You will find 180 guitars, including 1 acoustic and 110 from the Broadcaster/ASAT family, 32 basses; 212 in all with some old, some new, some rare, and some unique. The table of contents lists them in an order commensurate with the story this site tries to tell which is tightly coupled to the pickups used on the Broadcaster/ASAT model. Here however, they are shown in chronological order based on date stamps and/or other available information. But unlike Greg Gagliano does on his ggjaguar.com website, here basses and guitars are intermixed. In all 42 years of G&L, from a 1980 L-1000 to a Custom Shop ASAT HSH RMC from 2021.


The G&L Gallery

Here’s a picture; now you know it exists ...