‘The Real Ones’ - G&L guitars & basses


Enjoy this gallery of all my G&L instruments, painstakingly built in Fullerton, CA. You will find some old, some new, some rare and/or unique. The table of contents lists them in an order commensurate with the story this site tries to tell which is tightly coupled to the pickups used on the Broadcaster/ASAT model, which has its own extensive gallery too. Here however, they are shown in chronological order based on date stamps and/or other available information. But unlike Greg Gagliano does on his ggjaguar.com website, here basses and guitars are intermixed. In all 40 year of G&L, from a 1980 L-1000 to an aptly named Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Espada from 2020.


The G&L Gallery

Here’s a picture; now you know it exists ...