‘The Real Ones’ - G&L guitars & basses


Enjoy this gallery of all my G&L instruments, painstakingly built in Fullerton, CA. You will find some old, some new, some rare and/or unique. If you wonder why they appear in this particular running order, let me explain. Greg Gagliano already does an amazing chronological job on his ggjaguar.com website. I set out to tell the story of the Broadcaster/ASAT and have tried to use the pickups as the thematic line through them all, while maintaining as much chronology as possible. This will mean that once in a while an excursion is made from the main line to other models so the history (or first appearance) of the pickup in question can be covered. And although still not entirely complete, with 95+ ASATs in the collection, I hope all relevant combinations ever officially released by the factory (plus some extras) are covered. If not, let me know!


The G&L Gallery

Here’s a picture; now you know it exists ...