‘The Real Ones’ - A history of G&L


Here some group shots of the 110 guitars in this collection belonging to the ASAT family making up the vast majority of the guitars in this collection. An attempt has been made to get at least one ASAT with every pickup combination ever released by the factory; no after-market mods and/or pickup swaps are allowed (of course with a single exception). Note there is a single-pickup Red Sparkle ASAT Deluxe out there I did not buy since the original SD bridge pickup was swapped out, even though it is a missing configuration. Potentially even the only one! Less than a handful have their wiring harness modified. The page for a specific guitar contain the specs, with a focus on the pickups, and why it was added.

The 1st is from October 2009, just after I started my “one guitar a month” diet, the 2nd from April 2010, just after my birthday when my wife surprised me with the most fantastic present imaginable: a C.L.F. Centennial ASAT, and the 3rd from March 2011. The 4th septet is from January 2012, just after the last entry in the Korina Collection was received, the 5th from November 2012, while the 6th is from September 2013. The 7th is from July 2014, the 8th from July 2015, just after the ASAT Classic ‘Buck Owens’ came in, and the colorful 9th from April 2016. The 10th group, including a slew of first--year--of--production ASATs, is from March 2017, the 11th from December 2017, and the 12th from April 2019. The ‘lucky’ 13th was photographed in late-November 2019 and the 14th septet in August 2020, in the midst of the CoViD-19 pandemic.


“You cannot have enough ASATs” Gallery

The ‘original’ Seven (L-to-R):

2007 ASAT Classic Bluesboy Spalted Maple, 2004 ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow, 1999 ASAT Classic, 2004 ASAT JD-5, 2001 20th Anniversary model, 2004 ASAT ‘Super’, 2006 25th Anniversary model.

The ‘second’ Seven (L-to-R):

1985 Broadcaster w/ebony board, 1992 ASAT Classic Commemorative Edition w/rosewood board, 1995 John Jorgenson Signature (laminate) rosewood, 1998 ASAT ‘Junior’, 1999 ASAT BB (Blues Boy) ‘Contour’, 2006 ASAT Trinity, 2009 C.L.F. Centennial ASAT.

The ‘third’ Seven (L-to-R):

1985 Broadcaster w/maple board, 1989 ASAT III (pre-BBE) w/maple board, 1990 ASAT III Signature HSS, 1999 ASAT ’50, 2002 ASAT Deluxe (4-bolt), 2004 ASAT HB, 2008 ASAT Classic Spalted Maple.

The ‘fourth’ Seven (L-to-R):

2011 ASAT Classic Korina prototype, 1999 ASAT Z-2, 2011 Korina Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy, 1998 ASAT ‘Classic III’, 2011 Korina Collection ASAT Junior II, 2007 ASAT Classic ‘S’, 2011 Korina Collection ASAT Deluxe II.

The ‘fifth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1999 ‘www.guitarsbyleo.com’ Limited Edition, 2005 ASAT Classic ‘Blues Boy’ Mahogany, 1993 ASAT Classic Commemorative Edition w/maple board, 2010 ASAT Classic ‘The Wrangler’, 1991 ASAT Classic Signature (top-bound), 2011 ASAT Classic Bluesboy pine ‘Port & Chocolate’, 2012 ASAT Classic Alnico prototype.

The ‘sixth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1998 ASAT S-3, 1991 Lacewood Commemorative #26, 2011 ASAT Deluxe Korina prototype, ASAT Classic ‘S’ (NENA) 2012 Special Collection, 2012 ASAT Deluxe Semi-Hollow TV Jones prototype, 2013 ASAT Classic ‘S’ Alnico, 2013 ASAT Classic Solamente Alnico.

The ‘seventh’ Seven (L-to-R):

2013 ASAT Classic Solamente, 1991 Lacewood Commemorative #1, 2005 Z-12 ‘Big Red’, 2000 ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow, 2007 Will Ray Signature model, 1987 ‘CavASAT’ prototype, 2013 Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90.

The ‘eighth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1995 ASAT Custom maple, 2013 ASAT Classic Custom, 1991 ASAT Signature ‘500’ (employee guitar), 1991 ASAT Classic ‘Buck Owens’, 2014 ASATCat prototype, 1997 ASAT Classic Custom (pre-2002), 2014 ASAT Classic Charlie Christian Ltd.

The ‘ninth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1993 ASAT Special, 2015 ASAT Classic Alnico (Empress), 1990 ASAT (Will Ray’s first), 1988 ASAT Signature ‘The Rembrandt’, 1989 ASAT (low string tree), 1990 ASAT Classic Signature w/gold Leo Fender Vibrato, 1990 ASAT Z-3 prototype (for John Jorgenson).

The ‘tenth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1986 ASAT “Poor man’s Broadcaster” w/maple board, 2012 ASAT Classic Alnico Launch Edition (Fralins), 1986 ASAT w/Kahler & maple board, 1986 ASAT w/Kahler & ebony board, 1991 ASAT Signature w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato, 2013 Savannah Collection ASAT Junior II, 1987 ASAT “Poor man’s Broadcaster” w/ebony board.

The Seven - ‘eleventh’ (L-to-R):

1985 Broadcaster w/Kahler & maple board, 1990 ASAT Signature, 1987 ASAT, 1995 John Jorgenson Signature (lefty, clear pickguard), 2017 ASAT Classic Bluesboy SH Okoumé w/cedar top, 2012 ASAT Deluxe ‘TeleGib’ prototype, 1994 ASAT Special (for Guitar Shorty).

The ‘twelfth’ Seven (L-to-R):

2015 ASAT Special ‘Cabronita’ prototype, 1996 ASAT Deluxe (3-bolt), 2004 ‘RampASAT’ prototype, 1991 ASAT Classic Signature (triple-bound), 2014 ASAT Classic Bluesboy Alnico Semi-Hollow, 1997 ASAT Semi-Hollow w/Bigsby, 2015 Black Ice Collection ASAT Deluxe II.

Lucky ‘thirteenth’ Seven (L-to-R):

1989 ASAT III (pre-BBE) w/rosewood board, 1990 ASAT Classic ‘Keef’ prototype, 1994 ASAT Classic ‘Daddy’s 22nd Anniversary’ LE, 2010 ASAT Special Deluxe ‘Cowhide’, 2017 ASAT Classic Thinline, 2016 ASAT Classic Bluesboy ‘The Roses’ LE, 2013 Savannah Collection ASAT Deluxe II.

The ‘fourteenth’ Seven:

1986 Broadcaster w/Kahler & ebony board, 2006 ASAT Trinity Special Edition #11, 2019 Custom Shop ASAT RMC P-90/HB, 2016 ASAT Classic Bluesboy Empress, 1996 ASAT III (BBE-era), 2010 30th Anniversary Collection ASAT Classic, 1993-- “fake Broadcaster”.

The ‘fifteenth’ Seven:

1990 ASAT Signature ‘Char’, 1996 ASAT Custom rosewood, 1995 ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow w/cocobolo top, 1995 John Jorgenson Signature (laminate) maple, 2005 ASAT Deluxe Semi-Hollow Mahogany, 2015 ASAT Bluesboy Classic ‘S’, 2020 ASAT Classic Custom Limited Edition.

The Last Five:

1989 ASAT III HSS w/DFV, 1986 ASAT w/#5 neck, 1988 ASAT ‘ASAvalier’, 1989 ASAT III Signature w/DFV and PTB2021 Custom Shop ASAT HSH RMC.