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‘The Rembrandt’ is G&L’s first Leo Fender Signature model. And the only true one at that. But as stated, although Leo was refusing to sign any more in person, the idea was not shelved. Instead, Dale Hyatt had decals made of Leo’s autograph. Starting in 1989, a few models in the lineup could be ordered as a Signature model: the ASAT, and later ASAT Classic, Comanche, S-500, Skyhawk, and L-2000. This notwithstanding the Signature models were first added to the January 1, 1991 price list! And some patterns can be observed. The Natural Gloss and Blonde finishes had a black decal as can be seen on this Comanche IV Signature. When the instrument received a Black finish, as has this ASAT Signature w/DFV, the decal is gold colored. Otherwise, Cherryburst seems to be the most popular finish and has a white decal, as seen on my Skyhawk and ASAT Classic Signatures. With its gold hardware, the S-500 Signature seems to be the “exception” with its gold decal. This ASAT has a swamp ash body with 2 Jumbo Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups with black covers. But it is also an early example of a guitar with chrome hardware complemented by a white enameled aluminum pickguard. The hard-rock maple #2 neck has a matching 7½” maple fingerboard. More information on the current ASAT Special model is found at:


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Found this beautiful Cherryburst specimen at Carson Jewelry in Carson, CA. Not the most obvious place but it worked. An almost pristine example where you even wonder if it ever was played. My wife’s reaction? ”You have that one already!” True in that I have another ash Cherryburst Signature. But that is one of these rare October 1991 ASAT Classic Signatures. Easy to mistake the one for the other if you do not pay attention to pups and bridge. It is worth noting this ASAT Signature still has the “traditional” Broadcaster wiring harness. Note the chrome bridge and white guard while still using black pickup covers. Compare that with my ASAT Special with white covers. Sound report? Rock solid!

The story behind this guitar



FEB 26 1990

SEP 22 1989

D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light (9-42)