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The very first model offered by G&L’s Custom Creations Department. The seed for this department was planted in February of 1998 when working on what in the end became the ASAT ‘Junior’. But by  April of the same year, the artist program had gotten a sufficient number of requests for another ASAT III type guitar for which production had ceased by 1991, with an additional small number produced between 1995 and 1998. And apparently G&L could deliver faster on that idea than the ‘Junior’ likely because most tooling and materials were available. This model, also known as ASAT ‘Classic Three’, has a solid swamp ash body finished in Two-tone Sunburst, 3-ply pearl pickguard. The Bi-Cut Bird’s Eye maple neck has a 7½” radius, Dunlop Medium Jumbo 6100 fret wire, 1⅝” nut, and is finished in hand-rubbed gun-oil with polished gloss. In contrast to the ASAT III, the ‘Classic III’ uses 3 traditional sized ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups but with the middle pickup being a reverse wound/reverse polarity neck pickup. This leaves the middle+neck combination hum canceling whereas bridge+middle still has some hum left, although less then when using single pups. Not unexpectedly, since the bridge and neck also have opposite helicity and polarity. Note that this is different as for S-style guitars, and thus the ASAT III with its complete set of Strat-like pups, where the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity with both neck and bridge pickup. Beyond the 5-position pickup selector, it further sports a vintage looking chrome plated boxed-steel 6-saddle bridge, volume control, tone control, and Schaller closed tuning machines. This guitar was completed 8/19/1998 and is another Rarebird in the Registry of the Guitars by Leo website. More information can be found on this archived page:


G&L ASAT ‘Classic III’

The story behind this guitar

Year:                  1998

Serial number:    CL08654 (one of 100)

Neck date:         JUL 28 1998

Body date:         JUL 14 1998

Strings:              D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)

Why do bad things but also good things always come in bunches? I had been looking for this model ever since I started collecting; and had a couple of opportunities along the way for sure but didn’t act due to price and/or condition. But just when the ASAT bass Commemorative Edition and the ASAT Z-2 were added in a relative short time span, an ASAT ‘Classic III’ in pristine condition pops up at Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta, GA, with original hardshell tolex case and Certificate of Authenticity no less. Darn! Out of G.A.S. budget! But my wife surprised me a second year in a row with a wonderful gift! And so I celebrated my birthday in 2011 in the notion that not only was the quartet of ‘Buffalo Brother Special Edition’ guitars completed but also the septet of relevant Limited Edition models available up to that point. I had to wait until the week after for its arrival, but just that realization meant a heck of a lot the day I blew out the candles. It is an absolutely gorgeous guitar. Clearly the CCD came out of the gate strong. The in-between settings sound very Strat like and are quiet, as expected. On the one hand, the middle pickup tames the gnarly, biting bridge pickup while when combined with the deliciously warm sounding neck pickup, it adds some sparkle. Beautifully sounding instrument with more highs compared to the ASAT III.