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Beyond the maple fingerboard, this G&L ASAT Bass Commemorative Edition is entirely equivalent to the Commemorative Bass w/ebony fingerboard featured on the previous page; even the 7½” fingerboard radius. Similar swamp ash body with belly contour, gold hardware, decal, and Cherryburst finish. Same Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbuckers, bass tuning machines, and Maxima strings. And same Tri-Tone active/passive wiring harness of course. The neck plate reads “Commemorative Edition” and “#13 of 150”. Information on this ASAT Bass Commemorative Edition Rarebird can be found in the Registry on the Guitars By Leo website.


ASAT BASS Commemorative EDITION w/Maple Fingerboard

The story behind this bass


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You are in love with the ASAT shape. You already own an ASAT Classic Commemorative Edition. And then a Commemorative bass shows up. What do you do? I was perfectly willing to leave it alone if somebody wanted it. Anybody. But when it came down to the last seconds, nobody had put in a bid even though the starting bid was more than reasonable. And that is how my first Commemorative (#152) got united with its big brother before #29 was also added to the mix. After Jimi White, a working bass player and meticulous caretaker of this instrument, I am the third owner. The neck and body dates have a large significance. If indeed G&L stopped production of the Commemorative Editions in May 1993, this is one of the last produced. This gives credence to the rumor that far less than 150 were issued and that the true number is more around 25, if that many (see my G&L Commemoratives page). This is not only a beautiful looking instrument, it sounds great too! In one of the pictures below you can see the manual provided to explain the workings of all knobs and switches. There is not a low-ender sound you cannot coax out of this thing. On top of that, it is a light bass which is nice for a change!

The story behind this guitar


13 (#13 of 150, but likely 25 or less produced)

MAY 10 1993

MAY 02 1993

Optima/Maxima Gold Strings Electric Bass Roundwound 2299 (45-100)