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Those somewhat familiar with the G&L brand will immediately think of Buffalo Bros. in Carlsbad, CA as a store which has commissioned several models to be exclusively sold out of their store. But when one of its owners, Tim Page, ordered his first run of Special Editions in 1999, he was not the first to do so. Not by a long shot. Five years prior, Daddy’s Junky Music, with several locations in New England, commissioning 22 double-bound ASAT Classics to celebrate its 22nd year of existence. An odd age to celebrate, is it not? But it got them to be talked about in the May 1995 issue of the “G&L Craftsman”, as shown below. One may wonder whether the double-bound bodies in Cherryburst finish were somehow leftovers of the ASAT Classic Commemorative Editions which never saw completion. The format of the serial number is very similar to the Commemorative too although now on a chromed neck plate: “7 of 22” in this case. The plate also displays “DADDY’S 22nd ANNIVERSARY” above the stamped G&L logo. Beside these esthetic elements, the guitar is otherwise a classic Classic with ASAT Classic 6-saddle bridge, 2 ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design pickups, standard wiring harness, hard-rock Bird’s Eye maple #2 neck and 7½” matching fingerboard, 1⅝” nut width, and G&L branded closed tuning machines. It should be noted the “ASAT Classic with full body binding on top and bottom, Rosewood or Maple fingerboard with Birdseye maple #2 neck” is listed as a model available in 5 different see-thru finishes on the October 1, 1994 price list, a date just after this guitar was built. This all indicates binding officially became available in 1994, a little before 1995 as Greg Gagliano claims on his website.


ASAT Classic ‘Daddy’s 22nd Anniversary’ #7

The story behind this guitar


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Not surprisingly, these are very hard to find with so few around. Over the last decade I have seen only 5 serial numbers, the 3 registered specimen including this one and #1 and #13, all with a maple fingerboard. I finally found #7 on Reverb through Matthew’s Gear Locker and bit after a little back and forth. This great looking guitar is surprisingly lightweight and roars like a lion. The pots in the harness are Japanese sourced and more typical for 1992-1993. Still, I read the year in the stamps as “1994” and e.g. this (pre-2002) ASAT Classic Custom from as late as 1997 also still has these pots. If you disagree, let me know.

The story behind this guitar


7 (#7 of 22)

AUG 26 1994, marked ‘ASAT Clas’, ‘Birds’, ‘2’

AUG 17 1994

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)