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References to the Guitars for Leo website (, also known as GbL, are sprinkled throughout these pages. It was founded by G&L enthusiast Brad Traweek in July 1997 to provide a forum for admirers/lovers of G&L instruments to trade stories and exchange information. The site also introduced a public Registry where G&L’s of any era could (and can) be entered; an invaluable source of information knowing that only about 50,000 G&L’s were produced while Leo was alive and the random chronological order in which serial numbers were consumed. In the summer of 1998, Doug Abrams at Indoor Storm in Durham, NC, came with the suggestion to have this rather new forum design a new instrument as a community project: a first of its kind. Remember that in 1998 it was only a decade ago that (Sir) Tim Berners Lee “invented” the internet and that its widespread use outside of the scientific community was just picking up speed. After many months of back and forth, this guitar became the result: the ‘‘ Limited Edition, or GbL LE for short. This model has a semi-hollow mahogany body with a single f-hole and Natural finish, uses the modern day S-500 Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups, a 5-position pickup selector with additional mini-toggle switch to allow additional combinations of the neck and bridge pickups, a Bird’s Eye maple neck with clear gloss finish, and ebony fingerboard with radius and neck profile to be specified by the buyer. The hardware consists of Saddle-Lock bridge, volume control, tone control, both with knurled knobs, and Sperzel closed tuning machines. Only 25 were built with an additional 2 prototypes. More on its history and how it came to be can be found in “Hardcore fanatics”, a 1999 article available on Greg Gagliano’s website as well as on its page amongst the Rarebirds. Limited Edition

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To find these guitars was not hard: of the 25+2 produced, 21+2 are registered and many with the owner listed. But to pry them away from these owners is a completely different story. This model already made its appearance on my initial list in 2008. And many times I contemplated spamming the owners to ask them, or more accurately beg, to part with their instrument. But all of that was not necessary. I just had to wait 4 year until Doug Gossow (rosebud on the original GbL forum) posted his GbL LE #19 on the updated site. It should not be necessary to say I jumped on it right away! He had ordered his with a #1d neck: 12” radius and Modern V-shape. Unfortunately, the Certificate of Authenticity got lost in a recent move, but Doug promised me to keep looking. So who knows. But the original tweed case and sales slip are still there. The guitar looks absolutely gorgeous. The sound is very bell/piano like but I have to admit it took a bit of tweaking of my amp to make it sound great. These S-500 pups are definitely different animals than the MFD’s in an ASAT Classic. I should compare this one with the (BBE-era) ASAT III.

The story behind this guitar


CLF12184 (#19 of 25)

MAR 11 1999, marked ‘#1’, ‘GbL’, ‘V’

01 MAR 1999

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)