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Beyond the 2-pickup Interceptor II, this is the other configuration in which the entirely unique and quirky 1st X-body Interceptor was available: one with 3 narrow-bobbin Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups identical to the ones found on the Nighthawk. The soft maple body in either Natural Gloss or Clear Red/Black finish might even show some hints of flame. Otherwise it has the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato (DFV) and black wrinkle powder-coated control panel with 3-way pickup selector, volume and 2 tone pots. More information will get filled out when a proper specimen has been acquired. In the meantime one is referred to the Rarebird section of the Guitars by Leo (GbL) Registry where the Interceptor page can be found. The large picture at the top of that page is a gorgeous flame Interceptor III in Natural Gloss built for one of the NAMM exhibitions.


G&L Interceptor III (1st X-body)

The story behind this guitar

Year:                 1983

Serial number:    Not in collection (yet)

Neck date:         Unknown

Body date:         Unknown

Strings:              Unknown

Looking for it. That NAMM Natural one makes my mouth water ...