My guitar and bass collection


The big index

This is the index to my complete collection of unions of wood, glue, strings, and (hopefully) love and attention of a true craftsperson. Select an instrument to read more specifics: its history, specs, and how it got to be added to the collection. Or select the header to learn more about my collection of acoustic guitars, with a separate chapters for Collings acoustic guitars and folk instruments and Tacoma instruments including an acoustic bass, PRS guitars, or G&L guitars and basses. For the latter, a narrative has been created with the pickups used on the G&L Broadcaster/ASAT models as ‘leitmotif’ for the guitars with a separate section for all basses. To tell the full story, some hard to find instruments still missing from my collection are marked by square brackets. A bullet indicates no pictures are (yet) available. And if you are visually inclined and have a couple of minutes to spare, watch them all pass by in 2 groups: the non-G&L Gallery and G&L Gallery.

wood, strings, fingers, ....


  1. Bullet Broadcaster w/maple board

  2. Bullet Broadcaster w/Kahler & maple board

  3. Bullet SC-2 (1st style)

  4. Bullet [S-200 prototype]

  5. Bullet SC-2 (1st style) w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  6. Bullet SC-1 w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  7. Bullet SC-1

  8. Bullet SC-2 (2nd style)

  9. Bullet SC-2 (2nd style) w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  10. Bullet SC-2 (reissue) w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  11. Bullet Broadcaster w/ebony board

  12. Bullet Broadcaster w/Kahler & ebony board

  13. Bullet “fake Broadcaster”

  14. Bullet ASAT “Poor man’s Broadcaster” w/ebony board

  15. Bullet ASAT “Poor man’s Broadcaster” w/maple board

  16. Bullet ASAT w/Kahler & maple board

  17. Bullet ASAT w/Kahler & ebony board

  18. Bullet ASAT w/#5 neck

  19. Bullet ASAT

  20. Bullet ASAT Signature ‘The Rembrandt’

  21. Bullet ASAT (low string tree)

  22. Bullet ASAT Signature

  23. Bullet ASAT Signature ‘Char’

  24. Bullet ASAT Signature w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  25. Bullet ASAT (Will Ray’s first)

  26. Bullet John Jorgenson Signature (lefty, clear pickguard)

  27. Bullet ASAT Z-3 prototype (for John Jorgenson)

  28. Bullet Comanche V prototype

  29. Bullet Comanche VI Signature

  30. Bullet “Z-2 partscaster”

  31. Bullet ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow

  32. Bullet ASAT Z-2

  33. Bullet CLF Research Espada

  34. Bullet Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Espada

  35. Bullet Z-12 ‘Big Red’

  36. Bullet Will Ray Signature model

  37. Bullet John Jorgenson Signature (laminate) rosewood

  38. Bullet John Jorgenson Signature (laminate) maple

  39. Bullet ASAT Special

  40. Bullet ASAT Special (for Guitar Shorty)

  41. Bullet ASAT Custom maple

  42. Bullet ASAT Custom rosewood

  43. Bullet ASAT Semi-Hollow w/Bigsby

  44. Bullet ASAT ‘Junior’

  45. Bullet ASAT S-3

  46. Bullet ASAT Trinity Special Edition #11

  47. Bullet ASAT Trinity Special Edition #24

  48. Bullet 20th Anniversary model

  49. Bullet ASAT ‘Super’

  50. Bullet ASAT Special Deluxe ‘Cowhide’

  51. Bullet C.L.F. Centennial ASAT

  52. Bullet ASAT Signature ‘500’ (employee guitar)

  53. Bullet ASAT™Cat prototype

  54. Bullet [T-400 prototype]

  55. Bullet [S-300 prototype]

  56. Bullet F-150 prototype

  57. Bullet S-500 (pre-BBE mahogany)

  58. Bullet S-500 (pre-BBE ash)

  59. Bullet S-500 Signature

  60. Bullet ASAT III (pre-BBE) w/maple board

  61. Bullet ASAT III (pre-BBE) w/rosewood board

  62. Bullet ASAT III Signature w/DFV and PTB

  63. Bullet ASAT III (BBE-era) w/maple board

  64. Bullet ‘’ Limited Edition

  65. Bullet Interceptor III (1st X-body)

  66. Bullet Interceptor SSS transitional prototype

  67. Bullet Interceptor SSS w/DFV (3rd style)

  68. Bullet Interceptor HSS w/Kahler (3rd style)

  69. Bullet Invader w/Kahler

  70. Bullet Invader w/Leo Fender Vibrato

  71. Bullet ‘InvASAT’ prototype

  72. Bullet Interceptor HSS w/Leo Fender Vibrato (3rd style)

  73. Bullet Nighthawk

  74. Bullet Nighthawk (no guard)

  75. Bullet Skyhawk w/Kahler

  76. Bullet Skyhawk

  77. Bullet Skyhawk Signature

  78. Bullet SC-3 (1st style) w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  79. Bullet SC-2 (1st style) ‘III’

  80. Bullet SC-3 (2nd style)

  81. Bullet SC-3 (2nd style) w/ebony board

  82. Bullet SC-3 (3rd style)

  83. Bullet SC-3 Deluxe

  84. Bullet ASAT III HSS w/DFV

  85. Bullet ASAT III Signature HSS

  86. Bullet HG-2 prototype w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  87. Bullet HG-2

  88. Bullet Interceptor II (1st X-body)

  89. Bullet Cavalier

  90. Bullet Cavalier-E

  91. Bullet ‘ASAvalier’ (employee guitar)

  92. Bullet ‘SCav-2’

  93. Bullet ‘CavASAT’ prototype

  94. Bullet ASAT Classic Custom

  95. Bullet ASAT Classic Custom Limited Edition

  96. Bullet ASAT ’50

  97. Bullet ASAT Classic Solamente

  98. Bullet ASAT Classic Signature w/gold Leo Fender Vibrato

  99. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘Buck Owens’

  100. Bullet ASAT Classic Signature (top bound)

  101. Bullet ASAT Classic Signature (triple bound)

  102. Bullet Lacewood Commemorative #1

  103. Bullet Lacewood Commemorative #26

  104. Bullet ASAT Classic Commemorative w/rosewood board

  105. Bullet ASAT Classic Commemorative w/maple board

  106. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘Daddy’s 22nd Anniversary’ #7

  107. Bullet ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow w/cocobolo top

  108. Bullet ASAT Classic Custom (pre-2002)

G&L (cont’d)

  1. Bullet ASAT Classic

  2. Bullet ASAT Classic Spalted Maple

  3. Bullet 30th Anniversary Collection ASAT Classic

  4. Bullet ASAT Classic Korina prototype

  5. Bullet ASAT Classic Thinline

  6. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘The Wrangler’

  7. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘S’ NENA 2012 Special Collection

  8. Bullet ASAT ‘Classic III’

  9. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘S’

  10. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy ‘S’

  11. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘Keef’ prototype

  12. Bullet ASAT BB (Blues Boy) ‘Contour’

  13. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘Blues Boy’ Mahogany

  14. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow

  15. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy Spalted Maple

  16. Bullet Korina Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy

  17. Bullet Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy

  18. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy ‘The Roses’ LE

  19. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy (Empress)

  20. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy SH Okoumé w/cedar top

  21. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy pine ‘Port & Chocolate’

  22. Bullet ASAT Classic Bluesboy Alnico Semi-Hollow

  23. Bullet ASAT Classic Charlie Christian Ltd

  24. Bullet ASAT JD-5

  25. Bullet ASAT Classic Solamente Alnico

  26. Bullet ASAT Classic Alnico prototype

  27. Bullet ASAT Classic Launch Edition (Fralins)

  28. Bullet ASAT Classic Alnico (Empress)

  29. Bullet ASAT Classic ‘S’ Alnico

  30. Bullet Legacy (SSL-2)

  31. Bullet George Fullerton Signature (3-bolt) rosewood

  32. Bullet George Fullerton Signature (4-bolt) maple

  33. Bullet Phyllis model: ‘Blondie’

  34. Bullet Legacy Special

  35. Bullet Legacy HB Mahogany

  36. Bullet ASAT HB

  37. Bullet ‘RampASAT’ prototype

  38. Bullet Rampage

  39. Bullet Superhawk w/Kahler

  40. Bullet Superhawk w/Leo Fender Vibrato

  41. Bullet Superhawk ‘Leo’s last project’ prototype

  42. Bullet Interceptor HH (2nd X-body)

  43. Bullet Climax “XL”

  44. Bullet Climax “plus”

  45. Bullet Invader Plus

  46. Bullet Custom Shop ASAT HSH RMC

  47. Bullet ASAT Deluxe (3-bolt)

  48. Bullet ASAT Deluxe (4-bolt)

  49. Bullet ASAT Deluxe Semi-Hollow Mahogany

  50. Bullet ASAT Deluxe ‘TeleGib’ prototype

  51. Bullet ASAT Deluxe Korina prototype

  52. Bullet Korina Collection ASAT Deluxe II

  53. Bullet Savannah Collection ASAT Deluxe II

  54. Bullet Black Ice Collection ASAT Deluxe II

  55. Bullet ASAT Deluxe Semi-Hollow TV Jones prototype

  56. Bullet ASAT Special ‘Cabronita’ prototype

  57. Bullet Custom Shop ASAT RMC P-90/HB

  58. Bullet Fallout (Nitro Shell Pink)

  59. Bullet Korina Collection ASAT Junior II

  60. Bullet Savannah Collection ASAT Junior II

  61. Bullet Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90

  62. Bullet Doheny w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  63. Bullet Doheny Tiki Limited Edition w/Hula Art

  64. Bullet CLF Research Doheny V12

  65. Bullet 25th Anniversary model

  66. Bullet F-100 Series I

  67. Bullet F-100 Series IE

  68. Bullet F-100 Series II

  69. Bullet F-100 Series II w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  70. Bullet F-100 Series IIE w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

  71. Bullet F-100 Return Edition

  72. Bullet G-200 (“rain cloud” control panel)

  73. Bullet G-200 (rear-loaded controls)

  74. Bullet G-200 (rear-loaded controls w/repair)

  75. Bullet GbL LE-2

  76. Bullet L-1000

  77. Bullet L-1000F w/ebony board

  78. Bullet L-2000E

  79. Bullet El Toro (passive)

  80. Bullet El Toro-E

  81. Bullet Interceptor Bass (control panel, ash body)

  82. Bullet Interceptor Bass w/Kahler

  83. Bullet Interceptor Bass (control panel, maple body)

  84. Bullet Interceptor Bass (rear-loaded controls)

  85. Bullet L-2500

  86. Bullet ASAT Bass Commemorative w/ebony board

  87. Bullet ASAT Bass Commemorative w/maple board

  88. Bullet Climax Bass

  89. Bullet L-1500 Custom

  90. Bullet Fallout Bass Launch Edition

  91. Bullet L-5000 (fretless)

  92. Bullet L-5000 w/maple board

  93. Bullet ‘Z-5000’ prototype

  94. Bullet L-5500

  95. Bullet SB-2 (1st style)

  96. Bullet Lynx

  97. Bullet SB-1 (1st style)

  98. Bullet SB-1 (2nd style)

  99. Bullet SB-1 Deluxe

  100. Bullet SB-2 (2nd style)

  101. Bullet SB-2 Deluxe

  102. Bullet SB-2T ‘Juicy Lucy’

  103. Bullet Legacy Bass

  104. Bullet Custom Shop Matador Bass

  105. Bullet JB (fretless)

  106. Bullet MJ-4

  107. Bullet ASAT Bass prototype

  108. Bullet Dreadnought (“DF”) prototype