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Another one of the last 20 or so G-200s built with rear-loaded controls. It has exactly the same specs as the G-200 on the previous page: mahogany body in High Gloss (Three-tone) Sunburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish, 2 Magnetic Field Design humbuckers with a separate volume control and tone control for each, “Splitter Switch”, Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge, and 24¾” scale hard-rock maple neck with 12” ebony fingerboard. The G-200 Rarebird page can be found in the Registry of the Guitars by Leo website.


G-200 (Rear-Loaded controls w/repair)

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I have now bought many a G&L from Gary Maki; most of them through private communication, some on eBay. When I bought the ASAT Classic Commemorative w/maple board from Gary, I indicated that if he ever put one of his 3 rear-loaded G-200s up for sale, I would be interested although not right away. At the time, he described one of them as fair, one of them as good, and one of them as excellent with streaked ebony board and flame maple neck. I checked eBay one day at work just before going home and saw this one listed with the auction ending in less than an hour. So I put in some number and forgot about it expecting to be outbid. Things turned out different. Only after winning the auction I read the description where it was clearly indicated that this one had seen some trauma around the pickup selector. So this was clearly the “fair” one. The crack is barely visible in the neck pocket too, but it has been “professionally” repaired by a luthier and was signed-off on by Tim Page at Buffalo Brothers where Gary purchased it in 2008. No harm done in that it has a battle scar, because now I can play the crap out of this thing without feeling guilty. And play it I will, because this guitar is absolutely great sounding. These pre-BBE guitars really have something going, better known as mojo!

The story behind this guitar



DEC 14 1981

5-17-(1982), marked ‘5-17-’, ‘NATURAL’, ‘C’

D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light (9-42)