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At the insistence of Dale Hyatt, the last 20 or so G-200s have rear-loaded “Splitter Switch”, volume controls, and tone controls. The exact number is uncertain. Greg Gagliano only gives a dozen on, Paul Bechtoldt gives 20 as the upper-limit in “G&L: Leo’s Legacy”, and the Registry of the Guitars by Leo (GbL) website currently lists 21. G&L has the rear-loaded G-200 listed on their November 1, 1982 price list but it is no longer included in June 1983. As mentioned on the previous page, this model has a Gibson like 24¾” scale. But the similarity originally even extended to the 3-on-a-side headstock if one is to believe some blueprints dated January 18, 1980 which were uncovered some years ago. (That headstock was used on the G&L Tribute Series Ascari GT, Ascari GT-90, and Fiorano GTS models around 2011.) The High Gloss (Three-tone) Sunburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish on the mahogany body of this version has more luster, with the 3-position pickup selector still on the upper horn. The hard-rock maple neck has a skunk-stripe on the back and 12” ebony fingerboard. In total, only 209 Rarebird G-200s exist warranting a separate page in the GbL Registry.


G-200 (Rear-loaded controls)

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A complete opportunity purchase: available on eBay through Top Dollar Pawn LLC in Colorado Springs, CO, with ridiculously low bids given its condition. I was more than happy to make it mine at a price commensurate with my other 2 G-200s. According to the original entry in the GbL Registry for this serial number, it has been verified to appear in Dale Hyatt’s sales log. Upon arrival, this guitar turned out to be in excellent shape. This is a great sounding, super versatile guitar with a beautiful mahogany body with an excellent finish, nice unstained ebony board on the neck, and powerful Magnetic Field Design humbuckers. Really unfortunate not more people are in the know about this model.

The story behind this guitar



2 17 1982

5-13-(1982), marked ‘5-13-’, ‘NATURAL’, ‘C’

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)