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Like the SB-1 Deluxe differs only in the fingerboard wood from the 2nd style SB-1, the same is true for the SB-2 Deluxe compared to the 2nd style SB-2. Instead of a maple fingerboard on the hard-rock maple neck, one finds a rosewood fingerboard with otherwise same specs: 34” scale, 7½” radius, and 1½” nut width. Although the SB-1 Deluxe has a swamp ash body, this SB-2 Deluxe happens to have a contoured soft maple body in a rare Bahama Blue finish. It further has a split-coil Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup in the center of the black powder-coated aluminum pickguard combined with MFD “Jazz” pickup between pickguard and black powder-coated Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge. Each pickup has its own volume control, both also mounted on the pickguard. Just potentiometers; no filter caps anywhere in the wiring harness. Notwithstanding the introduction of the SB-2T, which has an additional master tone control, the SB-2 in this “traditional” configuration is still carried by G&L as can be found at:


SB-2 Deluxe

The story behind this bass


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This last missing version of the pre-BBE entry-level bass was acquired at the start of 2018. Beyond the beautiful rosewood board on this rarity, the absence of the G&L hook on the headstock is what clearly sets it apart. It also shows its age as originating from before the (post-1992) BBE-era. Although barely so. The date stamps show it was assembled about a month after Dale Hyatt had left G&L, still in the transition period to full BBE Sound, Inc. ownership. The G&L hook is present on any and all SB-2s from 1992 and later. The Deluxe qualifier was also discontinued because there was no need for it: a rosewood fingerboard has always been an option ever since. This pristine bass has the same simple control configuration as the SB-2 of the previous page. No filter capacitor is to be found anywhere. So no surprise the tones are pretty much equivalent too.

The story behind this guitar



DEC 03 1991, marked ‘RH’, ‘SB-2’, ‘1118’

DEC ?? 1991, marked ‘1118’, ‘1118 V-B’

D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Light Long Scale (45-100)